Asian, local and foreign beers/cider, Australian sake, Australian and imported wines (France, Italy, Argentina, NZ). Some of the selected wines are organic and biodynamic. We have a selection of sparkling wines. Moet Chandon champagne is available.

Asian and local beers

Asian (Singha, Chang, Tiger, Bintang, Asahi, Sapporo, Tsingtao)  and local beers (Little creatures, VB, James Boag, Crown), foreign beers (Stella Artious, Coopers) and  Montieth cider are available in Taxiboat.

7.50 – 10.00


All the coffee choices available in Melbourne


Wine, Sake

Local and imported wines, Sake, Moet Chandon

18.00 to 99.00


Coconut, Sake or Lychee cocktails crafted specially by Mickael Gobe for Taxiboat.